Project Overview

Energia Renewables are developing plans for a 220 kV substation in the townland of Culmullin in County Meath. The proposed Culmullin substation will facilitate the connection of three Energia solar developments situated between Drumree and Summerhill to the local electricity network.

This will help Ireland to reach its 80% renewable electricity target by 2030, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and increasing security of energy supply.

You can find out more about our Woodtown, Derryclare and Bogganstown solar PV installation projects here.

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Map of Culmullin Substation with three solar sites marked

Map of Culmullin Substation with three solar sites marked

Culmullin Substation Location

Culmullin Substation Location


About the Site

The proposed substation site is located within an agricultural field and was identified based on a number of key considerations:

  • The site is in a good location for connection to the existing national grid infrastructure.
  • The site does not include any environmental designations, including Natural Heritage Areas, Special Areas of Conservation, Candidate Special Areas of Conservation or Special Protection Area.
  • The site is accessible and close to main transport routes for the delivery of large components.
  • The site has been subject to a comprehensive landscape and visual impact study to assess potential impacts on the landscape and sensitive receptors.

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Culmullin Existing Site Infrastructure

Culmullin Existing Site Infrastructure

What will the substation look like?

Photomontages taken from various vantage points will be included within the final planning application to help visualise what the Culmullin 220 kV substation will look like from different angles and locations around the site.

These photomontages set the proposed substation design against the existing landscape and infrastructure.

You can view these images here.



Planning Process

The proposed Culmullin 220 kV substation has been designated a Strategic Infrastructure Development (SID). This means that the planning application must be submitted directly to An Bord Pleanála (ABP). Meath County Council will submit a report to ABP as a statutory consultee.

Planning application documents will be available to view at the following locations:

  • Meath County Council offices
  • ABP Offices
  • ABP Online Planning Portal

All planning documentation will also be uploaded to this website.

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What happens next?

  • A planning application for the proposed Culmullin 220 kV substation is due to be submitted to An Board Pleanála in the coming months.
  • All planning documentation will be made available on this website.
  • Construction of the substation will take approximately two years, starting with the initial site preparation for access, followed by construction of the substation compound and installation of associated electrical equipment.
  • A traffic management plan will set out how we will manage construction traffic during construction.
  • Our community engagement team will liaise with local residents and businesses to minimise disruption.



Frequently Asked Questions

Proximity to properties, health and safety, security and construction traffic: we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions here.



Community Benefit Fund

We want local people to see and feel the benefit of renewable energy through our community benefit funds, which support community groups, voluntary organisations, schools and environmental projects situated near our renewable energy developments.

Our solar community benefit funds will be designed to meet the needs of the local area and will be administered by an independent charitable foundation on behalf of Energia. They will operate in accordance with industry best practice and grants will be made available after one year of commercial operation.

School Sensory Garden Project

School Sensory Garden Project


Contact Details

If you have any questions about our solar developments or other renewable energy projects, please contact our Community Liaison Officers by email at, or phone +353 (0)87 3644274

Culmullin Substation Location